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Military First Aid isn't the same thing as civilian First Aid. Explosions aside, those usually cause traumatic amputations or worse, even the current lot of bad guys pestering our troopies use FMJ bullets. Ain't the same 1st Aid that applies to commercially available HP or SP ammo.
Cause the Military bleeds differently??? LOL

Hopefully you will never have to sort thru the limbs, torso's, and heads in the aftermath. In personal experience, I can say that when 9 men get blown up at once, it creates a lot of blood. In fact, it rains a red mist for an uncomfortably long amount of time.

Honestly, your point on their being some difference based upon a hollow point rings...well....hollow.

The article does note that injuries to the extremities are more common in the Military.

...things like controlled meds..." Not a chance morphine will be left hanging on a wall in an unlocked box. It'd be stolen in minutes. In any case, morphine doesn't stop bleeding or deal with shock.
You do know that controlled med kits are fairly common in the first aid world. We have em at our civilian company workplace. No we do not have doctors and EMT's roaming the hallways either.

Nor are controlled med kits hung on the wall in an unlock box....that would be the "uncontrolled" first aid items, LOL.

Because you are not read into the availability and location has nothing to do with the fact they are available when required to those who are trained.

You can have 100 first responder kits that'd be useless with a trained first aider.
Which is the point I made....

If you want to improve survival rates at mass shootings then train the untrained first responders likely to be present and have controlled med kits available for those who are trained.

You would be surprised at how many trained first responders are off duty without necessary equipment when a crisis occurs. Have a kit available.
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