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Reading between the lines, the article seems to be saying that the 12 civilian mass shootings they evaluated happened in circumstances where A-zone hits were extremely likely, and given good A-zone hits, immediate first class medical care won’t help much.

I believe they mentioned an average wound count of 2.7 per victim, so it is possible the fatal wounds are inflicted after the victim is wounded; but not fatally.

Tunnel Rat’s first response seems a little snarky; but it is hard to draw a different conclusion after reading that. It does make me wonder though if our current mass shooting strategies might be abetting this by creating easier targets for an active shooter? Would teaching the use of cover and the difference between cover and concealment be more effective than blowout kits easily on hand?

On the other hand, we should acknowledge the limitations of this data too:
1) It examines only 139 fatalities in 12 mass shootings, and 14 of those fatalities lacked autopsy data.
2) By examining fatalities, it excludes those who were shot and survived or not shot at all, so hard to draw conclusions about more general efforts to mitigate.

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