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When I meant it as :"The reason I have a gun in my holster",which,IMO,is the same as a cops: "That raw moment when some SOB intends to kill me"

I Absolutely DO NOT believe my concealed carry makes me a kinda sorta wannabe junior deputy. I'm quite certain my job description as "civilian" IS NOT the same as the LEO's job description.

The LEO must walk toward danger.The LEO must confront and arrest folks who will kill if they get the chance.The LEO may not have the luxury of walking away.

As A civilian, its nearly always my job to walk away from danger.Its not my job to confront and arrest people.

Both the civilian and the LEO are justified in the use of deadly force under the same or similar circumstances. "The bad guy was in the process of killing me so I stopped him"

The lawfully armed civilian and the LEO in the moment of gravest extreme are carrying for the same reason,wth the same legitimacy .
Well said.
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