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LEO's should also keep the possibility of armed citizenry making a lawful self defense shoot in their training footprint.
Well said, along with what HiBC quoted from you.

As an aside, from my LEO perspective armed citizens acting lawfully in defense of self and others is in the training footprint. At least in my area, but I’m also in a very 2A friendly state. Admittedly, I can’t speak with authority for every agency in every town, county, and state in America. It’s nothing to run across a law abiding (absent speeding or rolling a stop sign) citizen who is carrying where I’m from. Absent observations that you recognize from training and experience that lead you to believe citizen speeder is a little more nefarious, most cops around here think nothing about the fact that they’re carrying. This IS introduced in FOF training on occasion. Officers from my agency responded to an assault call a few years ago. Upon arrival, a citizen who had his ccw had a pistol drawn at the low ready, quickly holstered upon observing police, with an apparently scared female backed into a corner. After sorting it out, the “scared female” had just beaten the brakes off of another lady with a broken broom handle, knocking her uncounsious and swelling both her eyes shut. Good guy with a gun witnessed the assault, unholstered his firearm and presented it, stopping the assault. He acted appropriately upon police arrival (reholstered and put his hands up upon first sight of police) and so did the police (he was detained but released without his skull caved in after speaking with witnesses and getting his story, along with viewing video of the incident).

Bad stuff happens. Misunderstandings occur. 99% of the time, they don’t if everyone involved uses even a small portion of common sense.
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