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I certainly agree with much of what has been said. We are talking about fractions of a second to make life and death decisions,and a fraction of a second hesitation may cost an officer his/her life.
I'll say it again,I appreciate LEO's,and bashing them is certainly not my intent.

A decade ago,legit concealed carry was far less common.In a significant part of the country,Law Enforcement had something between discomfort to open hostility toward any civilian with a firearm and particularly with concealed carry.

At the same time,here in non'metro Colorado,I have been contacted by LEO's non two occasions when I said (Showing my palms) "Officer,due to this situation ,I have a loaded handgun in my belt"

In both occasions,the LEO was no more excited than he would be if I was another armed LEO. We just finished the interview.

On another occasion,I was going through customs at the Canadian border,pulling my boat behind me.I was going for Walleye and Northerns.Had a cabin booked in Sakatchewan,and paper to prove it.

As the customs officer was checking out the back of my pickup,suddenly she went into crisis mode and I had a gun drawn on me. My offense? In my fishing gear she saw a recycled CCI 22 LR plastic box I was using to hold hooks or snaps or something.

I quit TV,but many of the crime and police dramas portrayed a LEO attitude about a citizen with a gun.It was never good.

What I'm asking for is just a recognition that the lawfully armed citizen is every bit as legitimate as the armed fellow officer is,and deserves to be treated accordingly.
But no,I do not think that means I should run down the aisle of WalMart with my gun in my hand.

I actually watched educational surveillance video of an armed man in what could have been a WalMart,or a JC Penney,Target,etc. He walked in and drew,then headed to the back of the store. The Armed Good Citizen drew and went in pursuit. The bad guy had a woman accomplice following incognito behind him. She fatally shot our hero in the back of the head.

There are a number self responsibilities to being an armed citizen,and some dangers. Comes with the territory. Heard.

Given more states recognize concealed carry is a good thing,And who knows,maybe we now have 10 times the number of folks carrying legitimately than we did a few years ago, IMO,its time Law Enforcement accepts and appreciates that we are legit and on the same team.
The anti-gun hostility default settings need a reset.

My CCW does not make me a criminal.
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