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My 2 cents. We have had people on this very subforum regale us with tales of how they were glad they were carrying a firearm because of some action someone took that could have been the start of a planned assault, or it could have been nothing. In a number of these cases these people have described how they were a hair's breadth away from killing someone, sometimes with seemingly little remorse as they knew it was what they had to do. I have no issue with people being prepared, taking precautionary measures, and working an OODA loop. But let's be frank. These folks were seconds away from killing people that up until then hadn't even displayed a weapon. So are we really surprised then if a police officer arrives at the scene of a reported shooting, sees someone with a firearm, and shoots that person? I am not.

As to the argument that training can't fix this, I disagree. I have seen firsthand that good training can instill in people a moment's pause to evaluate a situation before reacting. That isn't unnecessary hesitation. It's the step you take before you end a person's life. Now regardless of that, self preservation is ingrained in most of us. At some level when we feel threatened we will react. It's the basis on which the claim of self defense doesn't require you to be beaten within an inch of your life before you react.

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