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Lots of comical/ridiculous posts here that have nothing to do with the actual topic.

Quick math lesson. 325,000,000 U.S. Citizens. 1200 a year killed by LEO average. Even of EVERY SINGLE ONE was a cold blooded murder, you would have a whopping 1 in 270,000 chance every year in getting murdered by police, scary stuff. However that is not the case. Only about 5 LEOs a year are charged with a crime related to a LE killing, which gives you a bone chilling 1 in 65 million chance. ON THE OTHER SIDE, 17,284 people were murdered by non LEO in the US in 2017, which gives you about a 1 in 18,500 chance. Oh and 35,000 US citizens die a year on average in car accidents, 500,000 to heart disease, and 500,000 to cancer. You do the math. So for those who have "experienced" that crazy police bloodlust, you're either the unluckiest people to have ever walked God's green earth, or your "experience" consists of reading on your smart phone about people you've never met in situations you've never been in.

NOW back to the OPs original question. The short answer is that there is no good way to fully negate the risks you are talking about. I've participated in lots of FOF with fully uniformed officers. When the right climate is created ( example two groups of officers, without knowledge of each other, enter a building from different doors searching for an active shooter in the midst of screaming, gunfire, scattering crowds) friendly fire is a common occurrence. Observation and assessment, even for the most trained people in the world, takes time. And in some situations there is no time to be had. A gunman is always steps ahead because he doesn't need to assess, or even really observe.

The best advice I can give to lower the risk is to keep your firearm concealed until it is absolutely necessary, then to return it to concealment immediately when it is safe to do so. You can confront responding officers with your hands in the air and advise them verbally of the situation, but if you come sprinting down a hall gun in hand you probably won't have the chance to do so.
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