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incidents that end in tragic mistakes are rarely due to a lack of or faulty training.

you simply cannot train this into a person. the reactions and thought processes are already ingrained into that person, and to take that a little further, you can't fix stupid.

if a cop has to shoot a teenager who refuses to drop an aimed gun that turns out to be a toy, wth? who's the villain here? Here's a hint. it's the kid who committed de facto suicide by cop.

when an average beat cop has to respond to a vague scenario he hasn't got a hope most of the time of responding with well thought out reactions. NOBODY CARES ABOUT THAT, ALL THAT MATTERS IS LOOKING BACK AT THE RESULTS AND LAYING BLAME.

what does a mall shooter look like? If a cop responds to a mall shooting and finds what he believes to be a dangerous guy with a gun and people shouting "HE'S GOT A GUN!!!" it's going to hamper his judgement.

You can't train a person to react to a situation that doesn't have enough information or misleading information

If i found one of our filthy redneck long haired freak meth makers beating on a guy who was obviously a bank president, oh, well, am i smart enough or quick enough to realize that it's actually an undercover taking down one of the gambinos? of course not. i'm going to have to act on the situation as it appears to me, or not react at all. Either way is risky. The manager of my hedge fund may die because the meth maker wanted his rolex, the undercover may wind up dead when the second gambino shot him from cover.

So, hey, guys, be careful about shooting an apparent meth head who has a gun pointed at the guy in the hospital scrubs. It may be Doctor crazy with a machete in his pocket and the meth head may just be a farmer who prevented a killing spree.

There is your lesson for today. Should I come back tomorrow and teach you what to do if a crazed 300 pound chimp is eating a woman's face? Here's a hint. When it happened in real life the cop shot the chimp and got in trouble with PETA.
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