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LEO Training

Ask yourself this question? How much firearm training do most LEO’s really have? I’m not talking about specialized units, just the average LEO. Most of them learned everything they know agout guns at their respective academies and comply with periodic qualifications that involve for the most part static shooting. Their training in tactical pistol is minimal if at all. Even the K licensed instructors that train these people for the most part have limited training in tactics and gun handling. It’s also true that departments have been revamping their training in response to the mass shootings and that’s a good thing. But the truth of the matter still remains that most LEO’s spend neither the time nor have the resources to garner the skills needed to become accomplished or for that matter even competent pistol handlers in stressful real world scenarios. We see this time and time again and when it happens people and even LEO’s get hurt or die. The sad thing of it is that street cops were never meant to be masters of pistolcraft. Their job is hard enough just keeping bad guys off the streets. But in this day and age the bad guys have evolved and hopefully police departments will evolve with the necessary resources in training and tactics to keep themselves and the citizens they’re sworn to protect safe.
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