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Originally Posted by deadcoyote View Post
I can say we discussed this extensively at work a few years back. I just ended a 20 year career working in rural law enforcement but was fortunate to work for a department with a decent training budget so we got sent to a lot of great school in the city in California, where the training is typically better. One of the schools we attended drew a lot of criticisms from rural cops in attendance as it was focused on meeting every sighting of a firearm with lethal force. A lot of people don’t realize how compacted California’s population is and that a large oanount of the state is extremely rural.

We were trying to address with the training hosts how often we encounter people who are legally armed in the rural parts of the state and how it was a poor concept to engage everyone with a gun in an immediate threat manner. I totally appreciate as soon as a gun is introduced you need to control the environment m, but most of the people I run into with guns are just normal people going about their business.
Thanks for sharing that perspective and experience! I haven't been LE so I want to learn as much as I can from those who are.

What do you think was the underlying reason why the people in crowded urban areas believe that every sighting of a gun should be met with lethal Force?
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