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When I first heard the story that inspired my post,it was sketchy and I was not focused very well.I have since learned the bad guy was involved in a robbery with a fake gun. I do not fault LEO's for shooting someone pointing a fake gun.

I'd expect it. Don't point guns at cops,fake or otherwise.

Unfortunately,one LEO was killed and at least one wounded by "friendly fire",whatever that was.

So,the situation does not quite line up with my post.

Still,its my hope that an increase of awareness of the numbers of lawfully armed citizens be included in LEO training .Simply seeing an armed person SHOULD inspire the Question "Is this an off duty officer? Is this a lawfully armed citizen?" Obviously,if the gun is pointed at the Officer,the situation is greatly escalated. That's not what I'm talking about.

I get it that being visibly armed is hazardous to my health.

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