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Lawful carry citizens as targets

A radio newscast I just heard inspired this.

First,I support the LEO's.I'm grateful for what they do. I think,that IF I did have the courage to be a cop,I'd probably degenerate from the amount of crap I received every day from "good" citizens.
I'm not here to bash cops.This is about ANY armed person,including cops,who sees another armed person as a target.

Actualy,the story that inspired me is about cops shot by "friendly fire"

Two cops observe what they think is a man with a gun in his hand.I don't know details,but the cops open fire on this individual. Both of these cops were hit by "friendly fire" of some sort.

I'm not jumping to any conclusions.

There are many regional and environmental attitudes about the armed citizen.In some places,armed citizens and LEOs can comfortably sit side by side and have a donut and coffee.

In some places,or for some individuals,the assumption is only two kinds of people are armed. The police,and the people who are criminals that should probably be shot. The non cop with a gun is assumed to be a target. OK,that is a bit extreme,but t makes my point.

A lot more states allow concealed or open carry.A lot more folks,law abiding folks,are carrying. Last time I checked,over 8000 in my county. Probably more,now.

I realize,I'm conscious,that a visible or out of holster handgun makes me a potential target via bad guys,other civilians carrying,and LEOs. OK,its dangerous to be seen with a gun in your hand.Critical point to be aware of.

I'm suggesting more training emphasis on NOT SHOOTING the lawfully armed citizen. More training on " We have 24,000 lawfully armed good citizens in this city.We need to be aware not every gun is in the hand of a killer"

End of rant.
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