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To the note above on doors and parts, one of the target cars hav been peppered with bird and 00 shot, 223, 30 cal and BMG, bud didn't always know the distance involved.

The birdshot left nice dents w/o penetrations and a few times when close enough a 3/4" hole in the outer sheet metal. The 00 buck appeared to always go through the outer sheet metal.

.223 did better and punched thru the sheet metal but we didn't see many .223 "exit wounds" on the other side.

The .308 we were shooting easily went in and out both sides if heavy components were avoided. 1 went through the radiator, firewall, a front and back seat inside, and through the rear of the closed trunk.

The .50 APIT rounds went through everything that didn't take 2 arms to lift and made a heck of a dent in the heavy items, but only a few rounds went through both sides of the engine.

Here's a pic of 1 side of the Volvo, you can get an idea of what bounced and what didn't looking at the lower right side of the pic:

As such, "Boomer" suggests staying behind the engine regardless of the block being iron or aluminum.
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