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I wear bi focals but seeing a front sight that is not blurry to me is something that never happens. For shooting my carry gun, I gave up completely on trying to used the sights, wasted effort! I've been practicing pointing and shooting both eyes open Not gonna win any shooting contest's but if the target is the size of a two pound coffee can, it's in trouble out to about 10'. My revolvers I still do used the sight' on, all three have 6" barrels and the sight's are fuzzy but I have time to look out at the target them resight across the gun. Never get a clear picture but I shoot slow and it's not all that bad. Where my bi-focals really get in the way is shooting with a scope. Pick up a rifle with a scope and look through it and for some reason I'm always looking at the line where the reg and bi-focals meed. Constantly adjusting to get rid of that lousy sight picture!
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