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In a regular competition match, try hitting a steel target while you are moving at some real speed.
That sounds like a good drill to practice. Move laterally between two boxes 6 feet apart in 1.5 seconds while putting all your shots on a 6" gong at say 15 yards.

As the techniques to avoid getting skewered... Thus, COM - the biggest area is looking like the best target to get any hit.
Again, by COM I assume we're talking about high center chest since gut shots would not be helpful at all for a physiological stop.

The thing is, you could shred your attackers heart with perfectly placed shots and they would still have enough blood in their brain to kill you for another 15 seconds or so.

IF (and that is a big if) you can shatter enough bone, a Pelvic Girdle shot would prevent them from taking another step towards you.

The only instant off switch is shot through the nose and sinus cavity to the lower brain. There are at least a few people walking around with bullets in their upper brain and surviving.

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