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Originally Posted by HungryHunter
I've heard of mixing in a Snap Cap or two, or a empty case in the magazine but am somewhat hesitant of this. Not sure why. .. Just seems unsafe, though I have no logical basis for that.
Like Spats said, there's absolutely no problem with using a snap cap, it's completely, 100% safe. In fact, it's safer to use snap caps than live ammo; live ammo can cause a squib or a kaboom in rare cases, whereas a snap cap cannot.

Originally Posted by Spats McGee
As for the empty case, well, it doesn't sount "dangerous," but I'm also not sure how well it would work. Maybe someone who has done that can chime in on that.
I've used empty cases to simulate stoppages before when I didn't have snap caps. Sometimes they feed properly and work just like snap caps, sometimes they mis-feed and stovepipe (or worse), which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It mostly depends on the gun; some will usually feed empty cases, some will sometimes, and some never will.
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