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My 357 125 gr Hornady XTP's are moving at 1886 fps. The XTP was designed to expand and retain its weight - 80% +. Hydrostatic shock is greatly increased with the higher velocities. Hydrostatic shock is what tramatizes the inards when a bullet hits. This same load combo (using H110) is creating 2176fps in my neighbors Marlin lever rifle. My charge is 21.6gr of H110. It is near compressed. I have seen hogs hit with 41 flat noses that keep on going - why? Lack if internal trama - bullet punches a hole straight through, but does much less damage. It is almost like the difference between shooting an animal with an arrow with a field tip vs. shooting them with a broadhead. Granted, there are SOME applications where you need really deep penetration - those instances where you are hunting heavy-boned dangerous game - Deer and hogs (for the most part) do not fit that bill, and if you want to kill them quickly, you need the bullet to creat hydrostatic shock, AND expand.
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