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I am in NM, I haven't seen the 2011 NM Game Proclamation and legal cartridges rifle and pistol do change every few years. The restriction on bullets has generally been no full jacked bullets rifle or pistol. There have been years when legal pistol cartridges have been listed by name. Other years when a minimum ME was specified. And still other years when cartridges over a minimum length with bullets over a minimum weight set the legal criteria, until the Game Proclamation is out those details are out of my control. I was interested in what other hunters had used in 357 Mag rifle and revolvers loads on deer and the results they had. I can cast my own bullets and prefer to load my own ammunition. But I have only hunted Javelina with a handgun some years ago and jackrabits for off season practice. I have never tried deer with a 357 mag carbine or revolver.

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