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Now I guess it's a difference in up bringing... I'd have tried the garden hose on the dogs first (if there was a hose available). That's been a pretty good fight stopper in my experience.

Secondly, tell your sister that she must get her dog to obedience classes and she needs to learn how to control her dog. A dog that won't stay and will charge another animal against the owner's direction is potentially dangerous.

Spare Ammo
The OP makes a good point. If you are forced to fire in your own defense, it may be a circumstance where no one is hit and no real damage is done (i.e. along the beach, in the woods, etc.) such as the situation here. But now you have a gun with potentially only a few shots left in it, unless you have spare ammo.

My habit is to always take at least one reload - magazine, speedloader/strip - along with me "just in case". You never know when you may need that ammo to get yourself out of an unfortunate situation or for some other reason.

JohnH1963 - I agree with your principle that, as citizens, we aren't planning to engage in prolonged gunbattles or to remain engaged when we can find safety. With that said...

Carrying one spare "load" is prudent. Any number of unusual or unforeseen events can ruin your day.

A student in a CCW class was "re-testing" for a new permit. He told how one morning he picked up his J-frame & holster off the nightstand where he'd put it the night before. Put it on and left the house on his daily calls. Somewhere during the day he found the gun was empty. His bad. Unloaded the night before and never reloaded it as intended. No spare ammo until he found a shop and bought a spare box.

One of local off-duty LEOs was mugged one night just outside a restaurant. A wrestling match for his weapon ensued and the magazine was ejected into the bushes. The attacker knifed the LEO in the thigh to escape. No spare ammo and one round. It took two cops 10 minutes to find his ejected mag in the bushes.
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