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Reminded today why I always carry a reload

My parents moved a couple weeks ago and I stopped by today to see the place. While there one of the neighbors came by to give them her number and to let them know she would be gone for the weekend and if her horses got out again to call her. Shortly after she arrived one of her dogs did too, my sister has a boxer/pit mix that is protective and she felt threatened by the other dog and they tied up. The neighbor ran over and tried to break them up but it was no use. I fired a few rounds into the ground and they quickly parted ways! Without even thinking about it I pulled the mag from my pocket and swapped it with the now half empty mag. This is not something I have practiced or really even thought about. I carry a spare mag or speed loader just in case the situation calls for more than what the gun holds. But after I swapped the mag I started thinking, if I didn't have that extra mag I would be running around with a half empty gun. I now realize that having a reload is not just for the fight. It also ensure that after the fight you can still be prepared if another threat presents itself later in the day. The rest of the day I carried my dedicated truck mag as a spare. This also made me realize that I need more carry ammo since what was in the gun and my reload were all I had left. The truck mag is loaded with FMJ and is carried in the truck to deal with the four leg critters.
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