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Thanks for the great document, that one is a keeper.

I'm a big fan of Starcraft boats, I have a restored 1966 18' Holiday that is my forever boat.
It took many years to convince it's owner (my good friend) to sell it to me.

When I lived in SoCal I was in the market for a boat, of course I looked and looked. I could not find a Starcraft that was not "leaky" and ended up buying a fiberglass boat.

The issue? Salt water and the slightly dissimilar materials, hull vs. rivets. Every Starcraft I looked at in SoCal had severe corrosion around the rivets below the waterline.

I have seen Starcraft boats here in the PNW that exhibit the same issue. In fact had a guy that wanted to sell me a 22' Islander. I informed him that the only place that boat should go was the scrapyard. It must have been left in salt water for quite a while.
The rivets are Aluminum, as is the hull. The problem is they are different types of Aluminum.
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