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The 10 low recoil slugs I have on hand are Remington 1200 variety, we will see how they do, or at least one of them does. I am out of depression adjustment on the Mossberg, if they print too high, I am out of luck. The 1350fps Fed Penetrator load is interesting and I was not aware of it, thanks.

I have been surprised at how soft a standard Foster slug really is, and how average its penetration can be at the 1600 fps level. On the only two deer I've ever shot w/ a slug, neither exited. Both looked like lead silver dollars! The advent of ballistic gel and everybody posting video confirms what I've always suspected. Unless your slug is a harder alloy, Fosters aren't the massive penetrators some (like me) thought they would be.

Part of the problem that day I got beat up by the stubby Mossberg was my shooting position. The rest arrangement was too low, and I was in behind the gun very solidly, I'll address that next time too.
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