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If it's a "war bring back" then its probably from WWII. As I understand it, Japanese officers bought their handguns (if they chose not to use the military issue) and they could literally be about anything.

So, a .44 Russian S&W, captured from a Japanese soldier, brought back to the US as a war trophy is entirely possible. Not likely or common, but entirely possible.

Guns do travel a bit during wartime. One gun that showed up on this forum some time back did a lot of "travelling". It was a Dutch Luger. Made in Germany, for a Dutch contract, (delivered before the 1940 German invasion), shipped to the Dutch East Indies, captured there by the Japanese, (1941), and then captured by an American, from the Japanese in the Philippines (1944), and brought back to the US after the war (1945).

So, almost anything is possible.
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