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Your friend is right. Even at that, a .375 H&H is on the cusp of black bear rifle classification.

Now here's the reality: long before belts appeared on cartridges, North American hunters killed everything on our continent including polar bear with 7x57's, .30-40 Krags, .30-30 Win's, '06's, and with the .303 British, among others.

My friend killed an Alaskan griz with a .300 Wby.

I fish where black bears grow huge, and I mean huge. I have seen several 400 pounders in the Eastern Sierra. 500 pounders ain't uncommon. I have used a 1911A1 with 230 grain +P ammo, a Sig P-229 in .40 S&W with 180 grainers, and this season I'll use a GP-100 with 180 grains bullets while fishing in black bear habitat. I have never felt vulnerable carrying a .45 ACP or a .40 S&W in black bear country. Were I to hunt them, I'd use a .308 Win. But I have no desire to kill a bear. I do have desire to prevent a bear from killing me.
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