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As a fellow NC member, and one that hunts bear I gotta tell you that I would consider another mount. I would venture to say that most bears here are taken with a 30-30. We hunt with dogs rather than stand hunt (most dog bears in NC) so a short lever gun with relatively light recoil gives a lot of advantages when it comes to follow up shots or quick loading/shouldering after walking in or hopping out of a truck. I would recommend picking up a cheap lever gun in 30-30, .35 or .44, toss a scope on with see through mounts and put a bear in the freezer. Sounds like a good excuse to buy a new rifle! That 300 will do job but for our small bears it may be a little unnecessary when you can shoot cheaper and more comfortably. Not to mention the abuse that a bear rifle can take when you are climbing through the thick junk they tend to take you through. Just my .02
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