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I sincerely admire ya'll's gung-ho attitude towards defending America and you bring up very valid examples from history of successful insurgencies.

Yet you're failing to understand how technology has forever and unalterably changed the Battlefield. You're like the WWI Cavalry guys charging head-long into machine-guns, failing to grasp technology has left you behind. Or the Naval theorists who laughed at Billy Mitchell before he sunk their ships with his airplanes.

Nowadays you can immediately locate the origin of a single gun-shot and get eyes-on very quickly from a variety of assets. Biometric data (finger-prints, iris scans, etc) is easily gathered and used to build databases of people which computers will ceaselessly sort through mining for patterns and data. Phones can be automatically monitored for key words or voice patterns. Cameras use facial recognition software to ID people & track without any active involvement by humans.

You'd be shocked what can be done with one little clue. From a marginal fingerprint off the fragment of an IED, the data dumping of a few cell phones to see who calls who, gathering biometric data at a checkpoint and so much more.

Fighting a bunch of stone-aged barbarian insurgents in Afghanistan is very different than a modern society such as the US, which is heavily dependent on technology. Sure some people will go "off the grid" but they're inherently marginalized and "the grid" will soon find them.

You seem to think we're in The Longest Day where you're the French Resistance forcibly resisting tyranny, blowing up Nazi trains, shooting enemy soldiers and such.

But really we're in The Wild Bunch. You're the rest of the gang thinking you can keep doing what's always worked, ignoring the automobile, the machine-gun, the airplane and other ways the world's changed to make your type (the armed resistance fighter) obsolete. But like Pike Bishop said "We've got to start thinking beyond our guns. Those days are closing fast".

And indeed the era that your dinky small-arms are going to defeat a modern government are dwindling away, just as the formerly so decisive & impressive Cavalry charge did.
"Our contract called for 16 cases of rifles and ammunition for $10,000 dollars, not a machine gun...........That is our present to the General"-Pike Bishop

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”
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