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The UK does not lag behind us by that much and things like attack helicopters were available in the 80's, although they now have some more toys attached. The IRA kept going without much problem until the political situation lead to loss of support. US is using much more aggressive tactics in Iraq and Afghanistan than they could in continental US with other large advantages, such as having secure supply, and US isn't winning. I don't see how an insurgency in the US could possibly be easier.

We tried Afghanistan with "no troops" on the ground if you remember. It didn't work at all. At the end of the day someone has to WALK down the street in plain view of every window if you want to control an area.

I think the majority of soldiers would go along with the government. Look at units that are involved in war crimes. One or two push the whole unit to do it. There are instances in recent history where US soldiers executed unconstitutional orders. There is a very strong case that deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan is unconstitutional as war was not constitutionally declared. No one cares.
Some would defect though. Some would sabotage & spy. Some would just stop working hard. The military engine would be knocking hard.

I think most people fail to realize how few people it takes to affect a revolution. About 5% of the population will push things to the point where everyone has to choose a side and at that point most revolutions eventually win or at least reform the government to the extent that they are an indirect success.

People said exactly what Beretta is saying when the colonies went to war, when the French Peasant rose, When the Russian Serfs Rose, etc. Heck I have an acquaintance who was involved in Romania not so long ago and most said the same about them defeating the Soviets(who had plenty of Hinds, RPG, mortars, MG, artillery, ICBMS, ruthless special forces and secret police, etc.)

What happens to the US economy if you set off a single fairly large sized car bomb HERE? And that isn't even a GREAT infrastructure target. This is what an insurgency in the US would look like. People thought Jesse Ventura was off his rocker when he said he and a few SEAL friends could drop the US to its knees, but that was because they live in a delusional world where beef magically shows up at their grocery store without an animal having been harmed.

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