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Beretta, did they learn how to operate with no secure rear training and supply facilities? Huge portions of our military bases are within rifle range of civilian neighborhoods. Most base personnel now live off base.
lol, so in other words, you're going to ambush me and other soldiers on the way to work? Nice.

besides, if you didn't notice we haven't exactly "won" in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Far from it. All we really accomplished was destroying the infrastructure in Iraq and pretending to raise the price of Heroin for a few years. Taliban is now becoming one of our key allies in Afghanistan.
Let's call a spade a spade. We suffered (and are going to suffer) a strategic defeat in both conflicts, even though we tactically win most everytime. But that's only because we were playing in someone else's backyard. If the supposed evil guv'ment takes over, they're doing it on their home-tuff and time is on their side, unlike in Iraq or Afghanistan.

But because I'm bored let's see how your American insurgency will play out:
Firstly you'll need to organize via some form of electronic communication, which will be easily intercepted and compromised. The evil guv'ment will utilize both ground and aerial assets to do Signals Intelligence and monitor all communications of the insurgency, just as we did in Iraq (but with the advantage of analysts being native speakers, able to immediately analyze raw data). When they find a cell-phone, they'll dump the data off it and find out who called who, to gain an understanding of the network opposing it. This will glean actionable intelligence which the evil guv'ment will use to launch raids against those opposing it.

Suppose you want to ambush the evil guv'ment on the way to raid your insurgent place. Enroute they'll use aerial assets from UAVs to helicopters to do a route reconnaissance. It'll happen at night, as that's where their tactical advantage is. Your ambush be easily spotted as you can't hide from a FLIR very well. At that point, they'll either destroy your ambush in-place with other assets (say the Apache which can engage targets well beyond the max effective range of a .50), route around it or choose to do a counter-ambush, either by directly assualting your ambush or waiting for you to leave & getting you enroute. Either way, you're toast. Or maybe they'll just assign a UAV to watch were you head off to and raid you later.

Once they're at your insurgent place, depending on the Rules Of Engagemet, they may initiate the raid with suppressive fire from a variety of belt-fed weapon systems (or just blow it up with a 120mm HEAT round or Mk19 40mm automatic grenade launcher) before the assualt element moves in. Or they may do a "tactical callout" and allow you the chance to surrender.

Should you choose not to surrender, the assault element of decisive size (at least a 3-to-1 ratio) will move in, under cover of suppressive-fire and possibly smoke too. Once in the building, they'll methodically move room-to-room clearing & searching the building and engaging targets as required. Should you barricade yourself in a room, there is a wide-variety of weapons dig you out from fragmentation grenades, flash-bangs to CS gas. But at the end of the day you die.

But if for some reason some elements of your insurgency survive, they still need logistical support & training. In Iraq they had Syria and Iran to provide them training & logistical support once their on-hand supplies of were exhausted. In Afghanistan the Taliban has the Pakistani Tribal Areas as sanctuaries and training/logistical support areas. In the US, I doubt Mexico and Canada are going to provide your insurgency much support, much less sanctuary.

So you're basically stuck with whatever caches have already been established. They'll be a time where ammo is plenty, but soon that will be exhausted, as fire-fights consume quite a bit of ammo. Also, the evil guv'ment will be using all it's available assets to secure these caches, and trust me, they're pretty good at it.

Basically your insurgency will be unable to safely communicate and gain strenght in numbers. They'll have limited supplies of ammo and unable to get meaningful resupplies. And they'll quickly be killed off by a trained professional military adept at the tactics of counter-insurgency.

So in other words, the idea of meaningful armed resistance against the evil guv'ment is futile and is best reserved for internet forums, where ideas can run wild and free without reality creeping in.

For some strange reason people seem to view their guns in this strange quasi-religious sense, instead of as merely enjoyable tools. It's as though these inanimate pieces of steel are somehow the ultimate guaranteers of liberty, rather than the rule-of-law and people playing by a common set of rules.
"Our contract called for 16 cases of rifles and ammunition for $10,000 dollars, not a machine gun...........That is our present to the General"-Pike Bishop

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

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