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What, no answers yet??

Tryptic, there are several members of TFL who are VERY knowledgeable about Garand rifles, and I hope a couple will chime in. Until then, though - - -

It is my understanding that the USA gave a lot of military aid to the Italians following V-E day, probably mostly in hopes of getting the jump on the communists during the power vacuum. We sent them a lot of weaponry, mostly small arms, and the majority of those were M1 rifles.

The Piettro Beretta arms firm was able to take over reconditioning a lot of well-used Garands. I've read somewhere that we also sent over a lot of new component parts whech were also assembled into new rifles.

Anyhow, the PB 9149 indicates the Beretta firm. I imagine the crown over HTK on the bayonet is just an Italian acceptance or proof mark. You don't describe the bayonet itself, but the onion-like mark is the U.S. Ordnance flaming bomb proof mark, indicating this is an American produced blade.

It wasn't long before Beretta began making up their own parts, both for the conventional M1, and later the BM59, a shorter rifle, mostly with a 20-round box magazine. The model has been described as a cross between the M1 Garand and the later M14 rifle. It was a good battle rifle in its own right.

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