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M1 Garand Question.

Hello, well I'll get to the point, I just acquired and M1 Garand, its a Beretta Model. These are the serial numbers that I can see on various parts of the rifle.


B.M.R D.6528291

(right below a little crown)
FKF Nr PB 9149

(on the ejector)
D-28287 BMB 913

D35382 6 SA

(on the stock)
PB 9149
The stock is weird, its got a little flap on the end that when you open it, it looks like a couple of shotgun shells go in there, but I imagine its for ammo. There is a bayonette aswell its got the same little crown with HTK under it. and then on the blade itself it says 1942. U. (then an onion lookin thing) S.

Can someone tell me what this rifle might be worth, also excuse my Serial numbers, I'm not sure as to what part of the rifle they are on.

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