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The Marlin Model 21 was manufactured from about 1906-1909 with about 7,000 being produced. This was basically a straight stock version of the Marlin Model 19. The Model 21 was known as the Trap Model because of this difference. It was only chambered in 12 guage with barrel lengths ranging from 26" to 32". Typical of many Marlin shotguns during this time, the Model 21 was offered in 4 grades:

Grade A: Plain

Grade B: Checkered grip & forearm

Grade C: Fancy grained wood with checkered grip and forearm, with engraved receiver

Grade D: Extra fancy checkered grip & forearmwith more profuse engraved receiver and often gold plated screws & trigger

The $225 price falls between the cuurent Blue Book listings of $200 @ 90% and $235 @ 95% for a Grade A Marlin Model 21. Hope this helps!

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