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No you are wrong . The A5 is recoil operated the 1100 is gas . The A5 hits nearly as hard as a pump or single barrel . The 1100 bleeds of gas , thats why dove hunters prefer them for long shooting days less recoil and a little loss of power is not a bad trade off for felt recoil . If you do not have a A5 try it with a non simi shot gun instead of saying you dont buy that . Any one that has hunted with both can tell the differance . 2 of the same movable targets and same ammo .
Again that's not how it works, just because the gas is being used to automatically work the action doesn't mean the shot coming out of the barrel is moving at a lower velocity. The reason a pump gun has more recoil is because you are getting the full brunt of all that energy, where the auto uses that energy to cycle the bolt, it doesn't change the velocity of the shot coming out of the barrel. In fact im pretty sure the shot has already left the barrel by the time the gun ejects and cycles the next round.

I just posted a new thread asking about this, so well see what some of the more knowledgeable posters will have to say about it.

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