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I took it out last Sunday and on the third shot it locked up and the trigger being pulled hard would NOT drop the hammer. I took videos to show Taurus what was happening. Had three seperate incidents taped. When I got home I was able to recreate the lock up at my kitchen table. I put (5) empty cases back in it, a chore to say the least and if I held on to the cylinder while cocking it, simulating dragging case heads on the frame, I could get it to lock up every time. Here is what is happening. When the cases fire, they push back against the rear frame. Since the chambers are so tight, the cases stay back causing the cylinder to drag. This gets the lockwork and cylinder pawls/pawl bar out of time and the pistol locks up. The pawl bar is directly conected to the trigger so now that the pawl bar is locked up, the trigger will not move. If I pulled extremely hard on the trigger it will move or flex enough so a hard push on the hammer will release it and finally fire the round. I have (2) chambers out of the (5) that are extremely tight and really I believe the problem is being caused by the tight chambers, period.

The revolver is on it's way back to Taurus now with the tape. I have requested a new cylinder, new pawls and pawl bar. I gave them permission to ream the chambers to open them up some so the problem will go away. Hopefully they will do something as they can plainly see me on the video pulling that trigger as hard as I can and the pistol not discharging. I do believe ALL of the 45 ACP lock up problems myself and others have experienced are just due to too tight of chambers.
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