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Originally Posted by HighValleyRanch View Post
Here is my J frame reload setup for EDC.
A leather holder for the 5 round SL Vairant speedloader and an 8 round speed strip which gives me 13 rounds total reload capacity. It's carried in my right rear pocket with easy thumb and finger access immediately to the variant speedloader.

Beats reaching deep into my right front jeans pocket searching for the end of the speedloader. I would not do this with an HKS becasue grabbing the knob has a risk of letting the rounds loose. The speedloader is usally loaded with a truncated tip bullet like the Horandy FTX for easier placement into the chamber holes.

i have to say. i LOVE the idea of speed strips. i cant get the technique down myself. but the idea of having those rounds all in one that you can load as many or as few as you want is very appealing. especially since they are so thin
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