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mossberg 500 cartridge stop

Got a mossberg 500 retrograde that is acting weird. The cartridge stop was failing to release shells regularly. I tested it with about 5 brands on ammo, federal, winchester, spartain, centurion, remington. the only one that fed cleanly was remington. federal was the worst, and the others only had a few failures to feed. a tap on the side of the receiver would cause the shells to feed. I measured the bases, all .881 except remington coming in at .882

I have another 500, long vent rib turkey gun. went to try and swap out the cartridge stop and noticed the new one has a dimple in it. I swapped the parts and the retrograde ran perfectly. i put the dimpled shell stop in my old gun and it ran fine too.

Not sure exactly what to make of it. based on the placement of the dimple I would think it would keep the shell stop from depressing as far, making it stiffer, possibly to keep shells from falling out? with it being just a dimple I wonder if it could be out of spec?

Going to shoot off message to mossberg, but does anyone know when or why this was changed?

stuck shell


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