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There was an article on another site that showed some of the X-rays of the dead condors. While there were traces of lead in the bird's crop, there were also beer can tabs, gum wrappers and other odd bits of shiny material. None of that junk will be ground up in the crop like the birds proper food. Neither would any lead regardless of size. Seems the condors are attracted to shiny stuff. This leads me to believe that much talk about lead fragments are the main cause of Condors, eagles and other predatory birds is a lie. Seems like those giant windmills kill more birds of prey and lead fragments. Maybe we should outlaw them. Besides, they're ugly as hell.

According to California, everything has lead in it. Mention lead and they freak out. Lead bullets and shot are outlawed for hunting. Many rifle will not shoot copper bullets well. One rifle I have, a .35 Whelen thrives on the 225 gr. Barnes bullets My three 7x57s and a .280 Rem. will not shoot any weight all copper bullets but are sub one inch with old fashioned cup and cores. I've not done any work with the .308 and 30-06 with copper bullets nor have I tried them in my .300 Win. mag. Maybe I'll get around to it and maybe I just won't bother.
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