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Anyone else change their thinking post-Bruen?

So, I have carried for years on a non-resident UT permit when in another state. However, here in MD, I don't belong to any of the special categories of people who could get permits (judges, cops, business owners, prosecutors primarily). So, I only carried part-time. Now, it is still theoretical as it will be another month or two before my application is processed, but thinking about carrying daily (or nearly daily, I can't carry to and from work since I'm a teacher), I'm finding my thinking is changing.

Like many, my thinking on what I can carry has changed a lot through the years, and I imagine it will do the same when I carry regularly. I used to carry a 1911, then I went small and DAO, then I went bigger (DAO and DA/SA), with an occasional smaller gun coming with me.

Now, I'm thinking of trying to merge the smaller and more comfortable carry with the larger and more capable gun. Instead of planning on carrying my CZ PCR and SIG P229 most of the time, with a snub or SIG P290 to take their place when I need something smaller, I've already placed an order for a SIG P365 to carry 90% of the time, and I haven't even started carrying yet. I'm thinking I may add a Glock 19 or S&W M&P 2.0 Compact for something PCR sized, but much lighter for when I want more. Or, maybe my 1st gen S&W M&P 40c will become my primary (at least when I don't tuck in my shirt) and I'll get a G26 or M&P 2.0 Subcompact to get a 9mm to compliment the M&P 40c.

Again, it is still just theoretical for me as I don't even have the permit yet, and thinking about carrying regularly has me thinking I may need to adjust my thinking from when it was just a few hours a month, or a few days at a time when on vacation. I'm also guessing I'll rethink this quite a bit over the next year or two and make further adjustments as I go. I also wonder how much of this is just a mental exercise to help me justify spending the money to buy more guns (I know some of it is).

So, how many of you, who like me, live in a state where pre-Bruen you couldn't get a permit, but carried regularly when out of state, are now rethinking years of carry choices now that regular carry is in sight?
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