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Nope, no just-one-gun-for-everything for me.

All of my guns work well for home defense but the Springfield XDE 45 is the primary every day carry.

Beretta PX4 storm compact 9 mm is my alternate carry gun for when I’m not at work and when it’s too cold to wear my shorts that have big pockets for the XDE.

My full-size Beretta PX4 storm 40 that I keep locked up in the personal gun safe on top of my nightstand would probably be my primary home defense gun.

The full size Beretta PX4 storm 45 stays holstered on the side of my backpack that I take with me when I go to work as my truck gun that’s easier to access than the Springfield that’s in my front pocket and lastly my full size, fully stainless steel Sig P220 Elite 10mm is my woods gun that I take for going on hikes and stuff like that outdoors.

I have a little North American Arms 22 magnum mini revolver that I should be carrying as a back up pistol but for now it just stays in the nightstand safe with the PX4 40.

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