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9mm pistol to suppress

So im just getting started. Hoping to get trust paperwork started next month. Doing a lot of reading and had some thoughts and questions.

Been suppressor shopping a bit, but it occurred to me that the pistol itself was a pretty darn important component as well.

I currently have a 5th gen g19, and a p365. I do plan on getting threaded barrels for both. However i was considering a dedicated full sized gun with a red dot as i expect the extra grip will help counter the extra weight out front.

Looking for a dead reliable combat style pistol. I want 9mm as it is my primary caliber and i hand load for it. I would prefer a polymer frame to keep weight down. i want to be able to mount a red dot. And i hate slide mounted safeties.

One thing i was trying to figure. Does a suppressor on a pistol increase slide velocity? If so does that increase wear and tear on the frame?

For a suppressor i was looking at the huxwrx (formerly oss) rad 9. I like the design concept. My though was the flow through design would decrease pressure and blowback reducing the battering on the frame. But watching videos of it on both pistols and submachineguns it still appears to have a fair ammo of gasses exited the ejection ports. But the baffle design does seem to lend itself to disassembly and cleaning.

I was also looking at the gemtech lunar 9 and the rugged obsidian 9
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