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So I'm fond of questions.

Will this be your first time loading?

Will this be your first time loading rimmed cartridges 38/357?

If your already loading what powders do you already have on hand?

Unclenick is on point with his advice, as always. I too would recommend HP-38/231, universal, or unique. If you want to shoot the gun a fair bit comfortably I am playing around with Hodgdon's clays and am very happy with it so far.

I did some testing the other day with my snubbie looking for powders that would get me a good full burn. Heres the link to the thread

And to keep things easy here were my results. they are also in post #40 of the thread.

Ruger LCR chambered 38spl P+ (no +P loads used) with a 1.87in barrel.
Mixed 38spl brass
CCI #500 Small Pistol Primers
Brazos 158g SWC (hi-tek coated lead)
5 shot groups unless otherwise noted

Power Pistol (the one with a lot of unburned powder)
4.7g, avg 734fps, SD 4.35, ES 8 (4 shots, 1 registered at 13,000fps was removed)
5.2g, 804fos (only got 1 good reading, 1 error, 104fps, 99fps, 102fps, 804fps)

HP-38 (aka W-231)
3.1, avg 524fps, SD 22.6, ES 53
3.7, avg 652fps, SD 27.63, ES 75
4.4, Avg 739fps, SD 4.39, ES 11

Hodgdon Clays
2.8, avg 632, SD 12.77, ES 28
3.1, Avg 677, SD 14.17, ES 37

Power Pistol had an unholy muzzle flash, Bright light yellow, about 8in in diameter and about 1ft long. Recoil was painful in the light gun.

HP-38, Has minimal muzzle flash, small orange fire ball, maybe 1in by 1in. recoil was moderate, not painful.

Clays. No muzzle flash. Mild recoil but snappy or abrupt. Could shoot these regularly in the snubbie.
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.
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