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I'd choose 25-50 yards. Any shorter and you're giving up range for no reason, and adding hold over to more moderate range shots. For me zeroing has to do with velocity and trajectory. Not the range at which I intend to use the gun.

For example, If I had something that fired projectiles over 4000FPS I would likely zero for 200 yards or more. The trajectory would be so flat, that a 50 yard zero would have no advantage over a 100-200 yard zero. Zeroing at a low range in this case, you're giving up point blank range, to avoid, maybe ~1'' of rise. Not worth the tradeoff IMO. That inch is not significant and could easily be compensated for.
Something with more of a "rainbow trajectory" would obviously have to get zero'd at a shorter range.

I've found 25-50 to be sufficient for slow subsonic rounds with low BC projectiles. Unless you're using something with very limited range like a short derringer, in which case you may want to zero for a more effective range. If you're using something like a .410 derringer with birdshot, that wont penetrate a soda bottle past 10 feet. Well then it doesn't make sense to zero at 25 yards.

Just my opinion.
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