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IDPA.COM Is very informative

Hi Patrick.

It's a blast, you'll love it.

Any of your weaps are fine, but you can ONLY load to 10 rounds no matter what you bring.

I suggest you bring whatever you are most comfortable with. I shoot the G27 exclusively in IDPA, but you will probably see more full sized pistols than compacts, simply because they are easier to shoot fast.

All of the weapons you mention are shot every match where I shoot.

I have always been able to get by with 3 10 round mags, I think you could squeak by with 2 for a few matches.

Re your holster issues, go to, there is a very comprehensive rule book, listed holsters are ok, non listed are prohibited. Generally, if it's a concealment rig, you're ok, if it's a speed or competition rig, no go.

I think the ones you list are ok, and I think you COULD carry mags in your pocket, that's where I put my non full ones, anyway.
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