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Originally Posted by dogtown tom
First, FBI NICS will not tell the dealer or the buyer the reason for a "delay".
Second, "security clearances" do not "flag" anyone.....and why would they?
Third, your friend gave permission to the FBI to open a Voluntary Appeal File. The VAF allows the FBI to retain the buyers information that would normally be deleted when his transaction is approved. They provide the Unique Personal Identification Number that the buyer uses when completing the Form 4473.
This is exactly what happened to me. Service member with a TS/SCI; squeaky clean record. Moved from Kansas to Texas; denied on NICS attempting to buy a handgun. The FBI would never tell me why I was denied, but I eventually had a gun store owner from back in Kansas say they had an employee arrested for identify theft. My only inclination is that said employee tried to use my SSN for a gun purchase or gave it to someone to try. Simply speculation on my part with the info I had. Regardless, I had to go through the VAF process and now I have UPIN and use it on the 4473.

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