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44 AMP …..The instant check system has no idea what you wrote as answers on the 4473. It only knows what your records are, if any, in the system. Anything in the computer system that gets you a delayed or denied, has nothing to do with what you wrote on the 4473 other than your ID and address. .....
Well, the dealer will report a bit more than ID and address to NICS:
Country of citizenship

One friend of mine kept getting "delayed". Never denied, but delayed. Turned out, it was because he held a govt security clearance. Not for a bad reason, but because of his clearance, his file was "flagged" which meant that the regular system operator had to get a supervisor to open the file, so they could see why it was flagged. This resulted in a delayed response until they saw why his file was flagged, after which approval always happened. Barking stupid bureaucratic system, but that's what it was. He "fixed" that problem by getting the UPIN from them, and since then, no delays.
100% myth.

First, FBI NICS will not tell the dealer or the buyer the reason for a "delay".
Second, "security clearances" do not "flag" anyone.....and why would they?
Third, your friend gave permission to the FBI to open a Voluntary Appeal File. The VAF allows the FBI to retain the buyers information that would normally be deleted when his transaction is approved. They provide the Unique Personal Identification Number that the buyer uses when completing the Form 4473.

From the FBI:
A "Delayed" message from the NICS indicates the subject of a NICS background check has been matched with a similar name and similar descriptive information associated with a record containing a potential state or federal firearm prohibition. The NICS Section must obtain additional information before making a final determination of a Proceed or Denied for the firearm transfer. The NICS Section is afforded three business days in which to conduct this research. If the NICS Section is unable to provide either a Proceed or Denied response to the Federal Firearms Licensee within three business days, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 does not prohibit the Federal Firearms Licensee, or FFL, from transferring the firearm; however, the FFL is not required to do so.
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