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TLDR; If I follow the law and use force to assist someone being assaulted, am I shielded by the law if I have to use deadly force BECAUSE I went down to help?
There are two simple answers to this question, the first being 'ask an actual attorney with experience in your state with criminal law'; and the Second being "There is no such thing as being 'shielded by the law'".

Whether or not police choose to arrest a person or even cite someone for a weapon offense doesn't matter if the DA can charge someone with a crime. And vice versa. DA can choose not to do anything even if police make the initial arrest.

If the bar near your residence is really that bad, keep calling police about the things you see. Eventually they get tired of always going to a problem location and they could pressure the bar owners to do something to clean up their place of business. Alternatively your state or municipalitys alcohol control board could be contacted so they could be made aware of the problems as well. You might be surprised what a bar would be willing to do in order to keep their liquor license in good standing.
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