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, reasonable force may be used
This could be the key, or the trap...

Reasonable force? what is that in your state? Does it include "deadly force" or not? For that answer, you need more research. It could be named in some other law, or part of the law, or not. Professional legal advice costs, but its the only reasonably sure way to know.

Since deadly force is not directly mentioned in the law you quoted, it may not be spelled out in law, being left to the jury (or court) to define in each individual case. OR it might be spelled out in some other part of the law, and therefore not spelled out in the section you quoted.

Also, consider the likely intention of the law you did quote, allowing "reasonable force" to be used and where. Clearly the majority of the examples in the law are meant to address force BELOW the level of deadly force.

I would suggest that you consider the section about using force to defend others is meant for situations which are thrust upon you, and not situations where you have a choice of being involved, or not.

There are situations where if you involve yourself (such as start the fight) you use of deadly force is NOT considered justified.

The best answer will be from competent, qualified legal professionals licensed to practice law in your state. And the time to get that advice is BEFORE you are facing charges.

Good Luck
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