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Prof Young Previous post has me wondering what it means to fail the NCIS?
NCIS is a TV show.
NICS checks that result in a "Denied" response means that the FBI found information in your records that disqualifies you from acquiring a firearm. When that happens you can request an appeal and may be asked to provide additional documents or fingerprints.

Has one broken a law by failing the NICS
If you lied on your Form 4473 that you complete before the NICS check....that IS felony.

or does it just mean the ATF now has legal cause to investigate that person if they want to?
If the buyer is not a prohibited person, is denied by NICS....there is no crime.
If the buyer IS a prohibited person, is denied by NICS.....well, they lied on their 4473, so ATF could investigate for falsifying the 4473. (but they rarely do)

I used to think it just meant you didn't get a firearms. What else does it mean?
It means what it means. When NICS ran your information there were records disqualifying you from acquiring a firearm. It could be a name match with a felon, immigration status, old court case with missing disposition or even a pending DWI.
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