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Anything wrong with a Sig P227 ?

I'm real interested in getting a .45, started doing my research a bit - I like/prefer Sig, I like their exposed hammer DA/SA w/ decocker setup, and have a 226 & 229 today that I'm fond of..

Upon looking at current models I see options are basically the P220 and that is it (except if you want a 1911, but I prefer the other design)..

It looks like up until recently they made the 227, which was staggered stack version of the 220, but have since stopped offering it. The 227 looks really sweet, I see they are available fairly easily factory new, but that they are no longer a current model (haven't yet checked the Sig store, very well may be one on the shelf as well)...

My question is - was there some reason they ditched that model? Seems odd since it was really a more updated 220 that added capacity (looks like it holds 14 if you want).. Anyone know of a reason the 220 lives on and the 227 is being shelved?

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