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Any experience with Extreme copper plated bullets? How about Berry's?
I load/shoot a lot of plated bullets in 38 Special (and others). I give the nod to X-treme; but Berry's makes a fine product too.

I load a lot of their 125gn FP's. OAL 1.445". I use an RCBS taper crimp die as to not damage the plating. I have had excellent results using AA#2, W231, and especially TiteGroup.

As I already mentioned, TG runs hot and so I don't recommend it for lead bullets; but it really shines pushing plated bullets. Low recoil; low Standard Deviations; and high accuracy. And it's even better in semi-auto's. Economical too (not that economics factors into my propellant selection).

With the plated 125's, I move the power scale up above the target level, but still short of +P. This is where W231 really runs clean, btw. You can make some fairly snappy ammo with a plated 125, while still using the fast burners.

I have also loaded a good share of X-treme's 158 FP's and SWC's as well. With these, I will sometimes move into intermediate burn rate range propellants, such as AA#5, and Unique. But usually, W231 gets the call. In 38 Special, it's hard to beat W231 for its versatility.
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