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To Oldmarksman( my goal is to be what your name implies)

Thanks for your post.Technically, we have a castle doctrine. In reality, what I poste d is being promoted by the police, the experienced shooters and by nra instructors as the law we must follow. In other words, flee if you can,shoot if you are in danger (and cannot flee).Many I have spoken to( legally armed citizens ) believe that if someone breaks in their home, they can just open fire(stand their ground). I agree with you, , I would not shoot unless the 3 rules are satisfied>>>>>>

intent,ability and opportunity still apply in all 50 states. satisfy those and you can do what you must to protect your life. In Ct,(as far as I can tell) we cannot protect property. The reality for us is , we do not own anything that I feel the need to shoot someone over, thus protecting my wife and pets is my only priority.IF a thug was armed and was willing to use that weapon, what you posted(from CT law) applies and I would be forced to self defend. I am the one indirect contact with and in the line of fire(kind of, I can easily conceal myself and train to do so) while shouting warnings as I stated before.

per her leaving the house--that is the last option. The safest is her going down to the cement basement( a raised structure with 12 foot walls and a locked garage door, moving in front of her car , and calling the police( remember our alarm will be wailing, I will be yelling for them to leave..the dogs barking,chaos reigning.....

That said IF she cannot access the basement/garage, she will go to the fenced in backyard. NOT the best option, but otherwise she will be trapped( she will not carry as I am. She does not want an "accidental shooting to occur..I cannot convince her otherwise)

thanks for your informative post

safe shooting


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